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2 thoughts on “@ Mighty Bright”

  1. Hello!
    I want to buy the unit 45008, but I have a few questions : are the
    batteries rechargeable? Does it need a special charger? Do you have those charger in stock? Do you take and deliver orders from Canada (Montreal)
    Thank You!

    1. Hi Gilbert,

      The TinyTask light (45008) uses included button cell batteries – they are not rechargeable, so when the battery power runs out they will need to be replaced. They can be found in electronics stores and drugstores. The TinyTask cannot be operated via a charger or wall outlet – it only operates on batteries. We ship to wholesale customers in Canada, but we unfortunately are unable to ship to end users in Canada.

      Thanks so much for getting in touch with us; please let us know if you have any additional questions.

      The Mighty Bright Team

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